Its just a phase


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The moon is the closest celestial body to the earth changing phase every 2.5 days. Understanding the moon's cycle can give you insight into your own patterns, goals and motivations.

Our goal is to provide a space for you to eke out time for contemplation and self inquiry, using the moon and zodiac information as tools for reflection.

It's Just a Phase® is available for free, with a journal, calendar and in depth explanations about the moon phases.

No zodiac prediction can tell you who you are or what events are likely to arise with accuracy. The zodiac is based on archetypes. Archetypes reflect human behaviour, they are ways of explaining and exploring our unconscious.

The moon reminds us about the cycles of life and death and rebirth. We refer to these in the app as reflect, create, enjoy, destroy and rest. It's Just a Phase® is a personal companion to keep track of patterns, hopes, goals and reflections for you.


Use It's Just a Phase® to learn about the moon's phases, understand your own cycle and make time for your own personal praxis. Praxis is customary and deliberate an ideology put into play. To realise your intent, you need praxis.